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Our story

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Ark van Zarren is a nonactive farm in the middle of the province of West-Flanders on the borders of the Westhoek-region. Our nearest neighbours run a mixed farm. Sarne, as the area was known among the Romans, was located near the coastline. With Esen, it was the first land reclaimed from the sea. In the 9 th century, a church community was founded here and the land around the Ark van Zarren also belonged to it.


There is a bio herbal-, flower-, and vegetable garden and lots of farm animals, such as donkeys, sheep, chickens and geese enjoy the countryside. The swallows have also returned and many other bird species, such as sparrows, tits, trushes and wrens, feel at home at Ark van Zarren. If the purpose of your holiday is relaxation and rest, Ark van Zarren is the place, without question. We would like to share this feeling of rest and harmony with our guests, who want to escape the rush and commotion of the city. From here, you have the opportunity to discover a wide range of areas in the sparkling Westhoek, whether you prefer to do it in a relaxed or sportive way. The region offers also a lot of walking and cycling routes.

Our rooms

Our B&B offers three beautiful rooms in rural romantic style. Two stable rooms have been created in the old stables of the farmhouse. The Saint-Germain & the Rosa-Maria, each with their unique character. Then there is the large farmhouse room. A beautiful luxury suite with a wide view over the fields.

Atmosphere & living enviroment

Our B&B in Zarren is located in nature surrounded by animals and an array of birds that all feel at home on our Ark as well.

Sense of peace & harmony

After breakfast, our guests have the opportunity to use the Atelier for relaxation. In addition they can enjoy in the front garden, on the terrace or in the guest flower garden on the side of the meadow.

Restaurants & hotspots nearby

We inform our guests where the nice places are nearby.

We have several beautiful hiking & biking trails nearby:

Hiking trails: Driegrachten-walking path (Merkem) 6,5 km, Blankaart-walking path

(Woumen-Diksmuide) 9,6 km, Zannekin walking path (Lampernisse) 6,4 km, Beverdijk-walking path(Pollinkhove) 8,2 km.

Bicycle routes: Boterlandroute (Diksmuide) 44 km, Krekedalroute (Diksmuide) 47 km, Bakelandroute (Houthulst-Langemark) 46 km, Molenroute (Kortemark)

We also have plenty of good restaurants nearby:

Puur in Klerken, Goesting, De Boucherie, De Copains in Houthulst, Nicolas, Père et Mère, Notarishuys, Medard,  't Klein Gewin, Commerce 82 at Diksmuide, Scheeweghe at Diksmuide or Barisdam at Werken.

Nature around the B&B

Close to the Ark van Zarren, a visit to the De Blankaart a nature reserve in Woumen is an experience not to be missed. You will find reed marshes and low-lying hay meadows in this wetland area in addition to the 50-acre pond. Thousands of birds and nest in the wet meadows every year. Those who go hiking in De Blankaart feel at one with the tranquil nature. A guided tour by whisper boat is also an unforgettable and enriching adventure. Do not forget your binoculars and definitely bring boots in rainy periods. The Ijzer valley, which runs through the northern part of the Westhoek towards the coast, also gives a beautiful impression of the green landscape and lost corners of nature.



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